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                                                                  Desmond Bedlow
                                                                  Caribbean   Vibes
Welcome to my webpage.  I hope you find this site easy to use as well as informative.  Feel free to contact me if you are looking for the  ingredients to have a successful Caribbean music event.  Caribbean music features the steel pan (steel drums) and is in high demand all over the world today.  Should you hire me to perform at any event you are  planning,  you would  be making a wonderful choice.  I would be very happy to have the opportunity to travel any where in the world to perform.
Finding a steel pan (steel drum)musician that represents the Caribbean islands can be hard at times for anyone.  But you are sure to be pleased with Desmond Bedlow as your musical entertainment.  You will be in good  hands from start to finish.  The steel pan (steel drums) is a wonderful instrument that creates a relaxed atmosphere - like the people of the islands feel on any given day.  So  for any kind of event you're planning, make me your top choice  when is comes to steel drums and Caribbean Music.  Desmond Bedlow's  One Man Band will give you the feeling of the islands, with Calypso and Latin rhythms, Soca, and Reggae music.  Your guests will enjoy the benefit of speaking to someone  with  an authentic island lingo, a 100%  Caribbean rhythm, and the love of  playing the music I was  so lucky to be born into.  Check out my demo music and all of my short videos.  I know you wil enjoy them.  Thank You.
I have been playing the pans for over 30 yrs starting  in the country of Trinidad & Tobago and now in the United States of America.  I am a professional musician in the art of  Caribbean music, but I  play a wide range of pop music as well.  I am a one man band,  or solo artist,  so you can expect to see me jammin on the steel drums in rhythm to my backup tracks.  My rate are from $ 225 to $2500.  I perform for 45 minute and take a 15 minute break in every hour of my performence.  I am located in Los Angeles, CA and consider travel distance when giving a quote.  I also  provide my own sound system  and all the equipment  needed by myself  to perform the job at hand.  Being on time is my top priority.
My musical repertoire include songs from a number of countries like the  Caribbean islands, the United States, and Latin America.  I provider music service  for any occasion - it could be  a back yard BBQ, pool party, beach party, your office party, Wedding Receptions, or the rehearsal dinner.  You name it and I am ready.  You can also find me on the Santa Monica pier, Universal Studio Citywalk or in Anaheim at the Farmer's Market performing for the  public from time to time.  I also perform seasonally at some county fairs and street festivals.  My music is perfect for any special occasion that needs to have the sounds and feel of  island music at the event.  If you need anymore information,  feel free to contact me.
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